Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Mothership presents "Albums @ Eight" Saturday Nights

Enjoy 3 classic albums from the JDX1029 vault without interruption. The fun begins at 8pm CDT on The Mothership

Tonight's selections are:

Elton John - "The Diving Board"

Alan Parsons - "Pyramid"

Robin Trower - "Bridge of Sighs"

Sunday, September 29, 2013

popGeezer Radio For Sunday 9/29 On The Mothership!

"I AM The Danger..."
Okay, first, the truth. I'm away this week. Why? Where? At Franklin, TN's historic art house theater to watch the "Breaking Bad" finale with an audience of over 200.

Tonight, at 5 PM CT, we'll air an encore of a favorite, "The Return of 'Sunday Tea Time'" from October 2012, while I'm screaming at a screen in a full theater.

Immediately following that show, it's an all new "popGeezer University", as part of the Sunday Special. It's a look at the career of the legendary Steve Winwood, from BBC Radio 2, "Arc Of A Diver"!

Ms. minnie says SHE is the one who knocks. But really, she just pushes the door open with her head...