Friday, December 14, 2012

Freaky Friday Animal House

It's finally Friday which means it's time to kick some ass and get "freaky" Join us on the Mother Ship JDX1029 for another edition of "Freaky Friday" with the legendary Peter Christian! Christian will be on board at 1300 Hrs. CST.

Immediately following at 1700 Hrs. CST. the insanity continues with the Animal and a Animal House Happy Hour!

Friday's on the Mother Ship are always a bunch of fun. We hope you can join us!


  1. Fuckers must not hack into the site and fuck everyone's music listening up. I WILL FIND YOU, TRACK YOU DOWN, WHIP YOUR ASS AND WHILE I AM WHIPPING YOUR ASS, I WILL SAY, "HEY, I AM WHIPPING YOUR ASS."