Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mark D. Comes Ridin' In From Texas!

Our old cowhand from the Rio Grande, Mark D., has mosyed in to cover for The Animal tonight!

It's a cowboy loving night on the Mother Ship JDX1029 
at 1745 Hrs. CST, on the "Happy Hour" 

Monday, April 29, 2013

popGeezer's Wonderful World of 1-Hit Wonders

The longform show is over, and regular popGeezer Radio will return later in May!


Every Sunday, at 5 PM CT - It's Time For...

It's the BIG FINISH of our 2013 longform special series --

As we wrap it up, it's time for a non-stop slab of the Best & Worst One-Hit Wonders of ALL-TIME!!

"popGeezer's Wonderful World of 1-Hit Wonders!"

You can hear us this week at 5 PM CT on the Mothership, JDX1029.com. Plus, don't forget you can always check up on popGeezer Radio news and playlists at our own website or on Facebook!