Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's A Special Sneak Preview of "popGeezer's Sunday Special", Coming Soon To JDX1029's Best Sunday On The Internet

Sunday night, 7/7/2013, at approximately 8:39 PM CT, you can hear a special sneak preview of a new series coming soon to, The Mothership of Rock Radio!

The popGeezer Sunday Special will follow each week's edition of popGeezer Radio, and will feature 2 hours of almost anything imaginable from our wide world of Music & Sound. The 7/7 sneak preview features popGeezer's Classic Albums, a regular element of the Sunday Special which focuses on one (or in this case, five) of the greatest albums in pop history!

Our sneak preview features twenty Elton tracks From the "5 Classic Albums (1970-1973)" Box Set. Please join us on Sunday 7/7 for this peek at the future of popGeezer Radio on!!

Your Song 1970
Take Me To The Pilot 1970
The Cave 1970
Grey Seal (Original Version) 1970
Come Down In Time 1970
Country Comfort 1970
Talking Old Soldiers 1970
Burn Down The Mission 1970
Tiny Dancer 1971
Levon 1971
Razor Face 1971
Holiday Inn 1971
Honky Cat 1972
Rocket Man (I Think…) 1972
Slave 1972
Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters 1972
Daniel 1973
I'm Going To Be A Teenage Idol 1973
Texan Love Song 1973
Crocodile Rock 1973